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Higher University of Science and Technologies
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Higher University of Science and Technologies

Higher University of Science and Technologies  (HUST) was found in 2006 on the basis of educational programs of Institutions in State Russian Academies of Sciences. The main goal of HUST is the implementation of master degree, postgraduate and doctor programs in key(edge) branches of sciences and technologies. The HUST is positioned for bachelors from CIS, foreign countries and  talented students from Russian regions. The programs are implemented in according with international standards, including education in English, with the possibilities of flexible schemes and electron technologies. The study is performed through research work,  scientific seminars, round tables, brain stroms, discussions, through exchange programs with world leading laboratories and universities.
Bisides of main programs we provide MBA in scientific and technological fields.

The features of our programs are: the openness of education for all peoples, individual approach to each person, the high quality of teachers.  The educational service business implies the full confidence, high culture, deep knowledge, good ethics, which are the principles of our institution. 

We care of our name, which we deserved in the professional scope. That is why the list of our partners (high schools, universities etc.) is adding each year. Moreover we are open for new cooperation. We help You in Russian language study for entering Russian universities and General Russian course.

Address: Moscow, Vavilov street, 38 | Akademicheskaya/Leninskiy prospekt metro station (path scheme)
Phone/fax: +7(499) 503-8778, 503-8787, +7(910) 468-7936 | E-mail:
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